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ppl complaining that the new female tauren model isn’t feminine enough


literally everything you post warrants this blog suggestion

was indignant before i remembered my blog name literally has yiff in it 

Ramshackle Glory

“Love song for the birds in our back yard”


Ramshackle Glory - Love Song For The Birds In Our Backyard

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Baby: d- d-
Dad: Daddy?
Baby: Digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions


tumblr be like

i just want a pop punk boy to send me pics of him fucking a pizza and shoving a title fight cassette tape up his ass

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digimon games are so good

I wanted to expect something, because the digi knockoffs of smash bros and pokemon mystery dungeon were incredible, but jfc. it’s just androgynous 5 year olds screaming “digivolution” while your unpilotable smear of pixels careens straight into hell 

I found this at a secondhand game shop today and it’s simultaneously the worst game I’ve ever played and the best 7.95 I’ve ever spent